OUR SYLLABUS FOR 2021 TO BE LAUNCHED BEFORE                    15 DECEMBER 2020  


Our Online Courses Include:

Free Courseware/ E-Books/ PDFs

Mobile Ready (accessible on Tablet & Smartphone) 

Downloadable Videos and Exercises (Min Data Costs)

Virtual Classroom with Live Trainer

Online assessments  with 24/7 support

Safe, Secure and flexible

Most Courses now discounted 

Limited Introductory offer (Valid until 31 May 2020):

18 Month Online courses are R600 deposit and
R600 x 20 instalments

12 month Online courses are R600 deposit and
R600 x 12 instalments

6 month Online courses are R600 deposit and
R600 x 6 instalments

3 month Online courses are R600 deposit and
R600 x 3 instalments

All 1 month online courses are R650


This Free Data Initiative is valid as of 06 May 2020.

A total of 1GB will be allocated per learner on a monthly basis. 

Only NCC Newcastle registered students currently qualify for FREE DATA.

Free Data will only be allocated to a learner once his/her installment is paid every month.

Learners account must be up to date and must not be in arrears.

Attendance to online classes will be compulsory by the learner unless within reason or proven emergency, failing which NCC may cancel the learners monthly allocation of data and/or request that the leaner reimburse NCC for the total data that has been so far allocated.

Data is allocated within 24-48 Hours after proof of payment is received and the data is sent directly to the learners mobile number.

We will not be held responsible for any loss of data or data allocated to an incorrect number that was supplied by the learner.

This initiative is valid during the lockdown period only and data is to be utilised solely for NCC Online Classes.

It will be the responsibility of the learner to top up his/her data should the free monthly allocation be diminished for any reason whatsoever

We reserve the right to cancel this initiative without consent or notification at any given time and we reserve the right to deny allocation of data to any learner should the learner not abide by any rules and regulations stipulated during registration, on our websites, Facebook page,  Whatsapp groups or online training and classes.

To register for this initiative:

Please send a WHATSAPP to: 0878222615 as well as an email to: admin@nationalcomputercollege.com with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. ID Number
  3. Date of Registration
  4. Mobile number
  5. Course  Registered for(1/3/6/12/18 or Technical)
  6. Current Module or Subject
  7. Latest proof of payment of NCC School Fees.

By registering for this initiative you agree that you fully understand and agree with our terms and conditions as listed above

Contact Us now or Register Online