3g/4g/LTE /equivalent connection recommended for our Virtual classrooms

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Schedule a Class/Meeting in Seconds

Simply click “Schedule Conference” in the easy to use Web Client menu, select your options such as date, time, duration, and classroom details and which calendar you would like the meeting/classroom to be applied to. Specify who to invite to ensure that the meeting is closed and secure and not open to the public at large

An invite is thereafter automatically sent out to the intended learners/ attendees via email informing them of the planned session allowing them the option to reply and the link to use to join the classroom.

Joining a Virtual Classroom

To join the conference, all the learner needs to do is click on the meeting link that is sent automatically to them via email and they must ensure that they authorize access to their camera and microphone. 

Joining classrooms is possible from from your smartphone with the required app for iOS and Android as well as PCs/Laptops using Windows with Google Chrome or Firefox

Collaborate with Advanced Features

Virtual Classroom offers a number of features including the ability to toggle audio and video on/off, record the meeting and end the meeting. The following are built in advanced features to enhance your classes and make the experience more collaborative.

*Screen sharing – Share your whole screen or a single window, browser tab, or application.

*Share PDF – Upload, preview and share PDFs. All uploads are saved automatically in the “Shared Documents Repository”. Simply double click a document to share it; participants can then interact with the document using the toolbox at the bottom of the screen.

*Whiteboard – Ideal for brainstorming, and acts as a “blackboard” for online classrooms in real-time with the drawing and text tools.

*Start a poll – Want to gather opinions and feedback quickly and efficiently? Create a poll for your Learners.

*Share files – Organizers and presenters can share files up to 64MB each by clicking on the file share icon or dragging the file into the chat panel. All participants can open and save shared files.

*React – Offer feedback with reactions by clicking on the hand icon.

*Chat – Built in chat feature is included and maybe be used to chat to the entire group or a private one to one chat.

*Automatic Attendance Register – The creator of the classroom(Educator) will receive a summary of all learners who attended the session as well as their login and log of times hence automatically keeping record of the present or absent

*Various/different classes may run concurrently not exceeding 100 learners collectively

*Session Recording -Every session may be recorded if required and later shared with learners online if so desired. Ideal for important sessions that absent learners miss.

*Minimum Data/ Bandwidth Costs – 3G/4G/LTE is recommended for Maximum benefit to both educators and learners.

Assist and Be Assisted with Remote Control

The remote control feature for Windows PCs allows meeting organizers to remotely control any attendee’s PC. This is a great feature for when a learner needs help or support with an issue.

To remotely control a participants PC:

Click on the attendee’s name and select remote control. If you haven’t already installed the Remote Control Client, do so when prompted.

You can open the remote session dialog, select another screen, or end the session by clicking on the blue “Remote Control” icon.

To have your PC remotely controlled:

Accept the remote control request, download and install the client when prompted.

End the session by clicking on the blue “Remote Control” icon.

Moderating Classrooms

As a conference organizer you can assign rights and roles to participants in order to make meetings more efficient and allow all users to contribute effectively. By clicking on the attendee’s name you can:

*Assign them the role of Organizer, Presenter, or Participant.

*Organizer: has full control of the meeting and can use all the available features including accept, reject or kick out users except for the meeting creator.

*Presenter: can share screen, reply to remote control requests, create polls, and share files and PDFs.

*Participant: can participate, reply to remote control requests and polls, and open shared files.

*Kick a user – Remove users from the meeting. Kicked users can re-join meetings at any time.

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