NCC Rules and Regulations

  • Herein, National Computer College may be referred to as NCC, the college, the institute or any other terminology that makes reference to the vicinity of study.
  • Students may be referred to as learners, candidates or any other terminology that makes reference to an individual/group studying.
  • All rules and regulations apply to all learner groups of NCC, including Learners attending Live Classes, Learners studying Online or Learners using the Self Study option.
  • It is understood that any reference made to a learner, will also have a direct implication and reference to the guarantor.   
  • Management, Staff, Students, Stakeholders and Visitors must adhere strictly to the COVID-19 Protocol and Guidelines as listed on the World Health Organisation Website found HERE.
  • Learners may register online or at the institute. For successful registration into the institute please bear the following  rules and regulation in mind:


If you are under the age of 21, You will need:

    • Your deposit for the course that you are registering for.
    • Your ID Document.
    • Your proof of residential address.
    • Your guarantors ID Document.
    • Your guarantors proof of residential address.
    • Your guarantors employment details. 
    • Your guarantors valid bank account that we may debit monthly for your course fees and instalments as due to security reasons we will soon not be accepting cash payments at our offices. For now you may still pay cash at our offices.
    • Your guarantors last 3 months bank statements.
    • Registration form to be fully completed and signed by yourself and by your guarantor.
    • NCC rules and regulations to be understood, acknowledged and accepted by your guarantor and by yourself.

If you are over the age of 21, You will need:

    • Your deposit for the course that you are registering for.
    • Your ID Document.
    • Your proof of residential address.
    • Your employment details.
    • A valid bank account that we may debit monthly for your course fees and instalments as due to security reasons we will soon not be accepting cash payments at our offices. For now you may still pay cash at our offices.
    • Your last 3 months bank statements.
    • Registration form to be fully completed and signed by yourself.
    • NCC rules and regulations to be understood acknowledged and accepted by yourself.
  • Any applications received online via our website immediately renders the learner/guarantor liable for the Course fees and/or the Deposit pertaining to the course applied for and must be paid immediately via our secure payment gateway on our website.
  • A R500-00 administration fee is payable by the applicant and guarantor should payment not be made immediately. Should the person claim that this application was performed in error, the cancellation policy of the institute becomes active for the course registered for.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and after registration and the full course fees become payable. The transfer of courses or course fees from one learner to the other is not permissible. 
  • Student cards are issued at R50-00 per card on request.
  • Resetting of login credentials that are initially given to a learner will render the learner responsible for an amount of R20-00. 
  • Any learner found to withhold or provide any false information whatsoever will result in the learner being immediately suspended with the institute opting to proceed with a legal action.
  • The college must be immediately informed of any changes in personal details or address of both the student and the guarantor.
  • The institute, Management, Staff and Stakeholders of NCC will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by learners within the confines of the institutes premises whatsoever be it arising but not only  limited to circumstances of:  ill health, natural disasters, negligence, protest and or riots, as well as any pandemics or any diseases.                           
  • NCC reserves the right to deny a learner admission to the institute.


  • Courseware which relate to books/manuals/hard copies are only issued to students attending Live Classes and students choosing the Self Study option.
  • Learners choosing the Online Study option will be issued with E-Books embedded within the online course.
  • Courseware is issued to a learner only once a learner’s account is up to date and/or once the results of the last examination/assessment/test are verified.
  • After a final/summative examination/assessment/test is completed, a three day waiting period is required for the issue of any new courseware.
  • For those modules that include 2 different books, the first book will be studied in the first month and the second book in the month thereafter.       
  • 18 Month students will be allowed to complete 2 modules per month. 
  • It is compulsory that all learners be in possession of their own study guide once they are in class and the sharing, lending or borrowing of study guides is strictly prohibited. A R300-00 fee will be imposed on a learner should he/she attends class without a study guide or found borrowing, lending or sharing a study guide during classes. Replacement of lost or stolen books will be billed at R300 per book payable immediately or with the next instalment.


  • Students must attend classes regularly in accordance with the timetables provided which are normally in 2 hour sessions unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance for each course is required. If attendance falls below this percentage without a valid reason, students may be suspended, not permitted to take examinations/assessments, or both.
  • If students are unable to attend a class for any reason, the college should be notified prior, explaining the circumstances for non attendance.
  • If a learner is absent for more than two days due to illness, a medical certificate by a registered doctor/traditional healer/clinic/hospital, must be produced.
  • A learner absent for an assessment will be given a ZERO mark unless a medical certificate by a registered doctor/traditional healer/clinic/hospital or an official death certificate is produced.
  • Learners must be punctual and persistent latecomers are likely to be suspended and all learners who are late for a class will be fined an amount of not more than R50.00 and may be denied access to the learning area.
  • Should the course not be completed within the prescribed time frame,  the learner will be required to re-register for the course and should the institute find that the time elapsed  is not within a viable time frame, all previous payments will be forfeited and a new account will need to be opened. 


  • Payment for course fees must be preferably done via EFT, Stop Order or Debit Order. Cash Payments will be accepted but an additional handling fee of R200 will be charged for each Cash Payment received.
  • All fees must be paid within the stipulated time frame and date agreed upon which is normally noted during the registration process or immediately thereafter.
  • Failure to make payment by or on the agreed date will render a penalty fee of R150.00 p.m. charged to the learners account.
  • Should a Stop Payment or Debit Order be returned or not paid, the learner/guarantor will be liable for a R200.00 bank account surcharge, together with the R150.00 penalty for late payment as stipulated above which will be added onto the learners account.
  • All telephone calls made to the learner/guarantor regarding overdue/late payments or payments not received, will be charged at R5-00 per minute (1 second to 60 seconds will be regarded as a minute) and added onto the learners account.
  • All written correspondence to the learner/guarantor regarding overdue/ late payment or payments not received will be charged at R500-00 per letter/email/message. 
  • Fees must be paid irrespective of whether the student attends or not. Fees not paid for two months will render the account liable for collection by attorneys of which the student/guarantor will be liable for all legal costs.
  • National Computer College reserves the right to cancel the learner’s instalment basis payment plan and claim the FULL COURSE FEES immediately as a lump sum, together with any other amounts owing to the institute.
  • For courses that are on special it is understood that a default in payment or cancellation after registration will result in the special price being forfeited and the normal course price implemented.
  • Should the guarantor  unfortunately become incapable of paying the fees or becomes deceased during the period of study, the learner is required to immediately notify the institute with substantial evidence and proof thereof and to immediately make arrangements for a new guarantor to be the new legal entity of the account. Should another guarantor not be updated on our system, the institute reserves the right to claim any outstanding fees from the current guarantor/estate of the late guarantor and or hold the learner responsible for that fee; and or suspend all learning activates of that learner until the account has been settled in full. 
  • Any penalties incurred and/or added to the learners account must be paid together with the next instalment before the learner may continue his/her studies; be issued any courseware or attempt any assessments examinations/tests.


  • Assessments/Exams/Tests are divided into 2 categories: Formative and Summative. Formatives are completed during the duration of each course or module and a Summative can be regarded at the final assessment/exam/test of each course or module.
  • All assessments/examinations/tests are closed book unless otherwise stated and the use of a calculator/mobile device is prohibited and not to be kept close to the learner during this assessment/examination/test period. 
  • Learners will complete a maximum of four assessments/examinations/tests per month on either every Friday/Saturday/Monday of the week. Should the assessment/examination/test date fall on a Public Holiday, then learners will complete the assessment/examination/test on the next working day. Assessment/examination/test days may sometimes be changed but the learner will be notified accordingly.
  • It is the learners responsibility to ensure that the assessments/examination/test  cover page has all the necessary particulars of the learner filled in as well as particulars of the assessment date and or time and where required, the contact details of the learner. This information must also be filled out on all submissions that will be handed in. 
  • Should the assessment/examination/test schedules fall within load-shedding times: 8am-10am, 10am-noon, then the learner will complete his/her assessment/examination/test from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on the same day.
  • A leaner that arrives late for an assessment/examination/test, will NOT be allowed to attempt the assessment/examination/test, and a mark of ZERO will be issued and will be recorded as a non competent attempt. The learner may only opt to attempt the assessment/ examination/test at the next stipulated assessment day/date.
  • Should the leaner not attend 75% per week, they will NOT be allowed to attempt the assessment/examination/test and only once they have ensured that they have attended the 75 % compulsory attendance, will they then be allowed to attempt any assessments/examinations/tests.
  • A learner absent for an assessment/examination/test will be given a ZERO mark and will be recorded as a non competent attempt,  unless a medical certificate by a registered doctor/traditional healer/clinic/hospital or an official death certificate is produced.
  • To ensure that assessments/examinations/tests are fair, transparent and completed honestly, it is compulsory that the learners name and the date of assessment/examination/test be filled in on the cover page of any assessment/ examination/test. Failure to do so will render the assessment/examination/test null and void with a mark of ZERO issued to the learner and will be recorded as a non competent attempt.  
  • All assessments/examinations/tests conducted will be a stepping stone to the next section of training so an assessment/examination/test missed will therefore not allow the learner to continue with the next section of his her course/module until the required assessment/examination/test has been completed. 
  • Should a leaner be incompetent after their 2nd attempt a fee of R200 is payable for the resubmission of a 3rd attempt. 
  • Should the learner be incompetent after the 3rd attempt, the learner is required to re-register for that particular module at the prices listed on our selection of 1 month courses. 
  • Should there be any discrepancies in any completed assessments/ examinations/tests during random checks, inspection, moderation or verification, then the institute reserves the right to cancel and withdraw the results of the assessments/examination/test and request that the learner complete another assessment/examination/test as a re-submission, on an agreed date.    
  • Should a student be dishonest during an assessment/ examination/test , the student will be immediately suspended and if applicable the guarantor notified,  which will render either/or liable for a fine which will be added to the account that is equivalent to half the price of that module that he/she was dishonest in as per the prices listed on our selection of 1 month courses depending on the outcome of a formal enquiry.
  • An incident involving dishonesty will require a formal enquiry to be conducted by the relevant stakeholders, and the decisions reached and concluded will thereafter communicated to the learner/guarantor within 4 weeks of the incident.
  • Depending on the outcome of the decisions taken, the learner may then continue with his/her studies once the fine is paid in full or the learner may be expelled and will be required to still pay the full course fees.


  • Results are normally released 2 days after a summative/final assessment/ examination/test. However results may sometimes be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and result will then be issued at the earliest possible day thereafter.
  • Certificates are only issued once full and final payment is received and only on successful completion of all modules within a course, including the required assessments, which must be verified and or moderated.
  • The turnaround time frame for the issuing of certificates could be between two and six weeks and the learner must apply at reception for his/her certificate on successful completion of the course.
  • Should all modules not be completed within a course, a letter of completion will be issued instead, and NOT a certificate. The letter of completion will only be issued once full and final payment for the entire course is received as well as all required assessments for the completed modules are moderated and or verified.
  • The turnaround time frame for the issuing of letters of completion could be between two and six weeks from the date of application for the letter which must be applied for at reception.
  • The re-issue of certificates/letters of completion are charged at R300 per certificate/letter of completion.
  • No results, certificates or letters will be issued to a student if the students account is not fully paid up or not up to date.


  • Students who wish to withdraw from their course for whatever reason must notify the college in writing or email at least four weeks prior to the commencement date of their course. The withdrawal will take effect from the date that the application is received by the college administration.
  • For withdrawal applications received four weeks in advance, an administrative charge of R500-00 will be charged as well as 30% of the entire course fee. This amount must be paid as a once off lump sum immediately to the college.
  • For withdrawals which are received less than four weeks before the course commencement date, for whatever reason, no refund will be given. In addition, any balance of outstanding fees on the student’s account must be paid in full as a once off lump sum amount.


  • Strikes/protest action/disruption of classes and or any  business activities of the institute, by learners or individuals linked to learners, directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited with immediate suspension and cancellation of the learner and his/her course with the learner/guarantor still responsible for the full course fees outstanding as well as any damages resulting directly or indirectly to NCC, its business activities, the Management, Staff,  Stakeholders, Learners and or any other third parties affected thereof.
  • Any learner that knowingly or unknowingly causes disruption to any processes followed by the institute will render the learner to be suspended immediately and full course fees are to be paid immediately. Should this disruption cause loss of time/money to the institute and those directly or indirectly involved, the damages thereof will be claimed from the culprit responsible. 
  • Slandering of the institute, its name, management, staff and stakeholders including learners is strictly prohibited  on any type of platform or social media and the guilty person/s will be faced with any legal action arising thereof. 


  • Should a learner be suspended, the institute will submit an official letter/communication of suspension to the learner/guarantor stating the reasons of suspension, the time frame of the suspension as well as the approximate date of the decisions that will be made and taken by the necessary stake holders.
  • A suspended learner is denied entrance to the institute until the final outcomes and decisions have been reached and until then he/she may not communicate with any current learners/management/staff or stakeholders of the institute
  • During any such suspension, NCC may opt to communicate directly with the parent/guarantor should there be one and with or without NCC’s legal team. 


  • English is at all times the only allowed means of communication, as English is the international language of all Information and Communications Technology. 
  • On registration, learners will be added to a Whatsapp group which will assist in most of the common communication requirements between the institute and the learner and vice versa.
  • Certain communication requirements may also result in the communication being published on the institutes Facebook Page as well as on the institutes Website.
  • Learners are NOT to communicate in private with any member of NCCs staff or management.
  • Learners are required to submit their disputes/concerns or cancellations , strictly via email to: and 
  • The email process will ensure a professional and smooth resolution and a proper paper trail and record for all parties involved and in turn allowing NCC to provide the necessary solutions and resolutions thereafter to the best of their ability which will be in the best of interest of  both parties.
  • An acknowledgement of receipt of the email, will be sent by NCC within 7 days of receiving the email, advising on the course of action that will be followed. 
  • Email sent by the learner must be done so on an individual basis and not as a group so that each dispute or concern can be addressed according to the individual’s requirements.


All learners must:

  • -follow the college’s Health and Safety Regulations and behave in a manner which does not compromise their own safety and that of others.
  • -respect all who use the college facilities, including students, staff, volunteers, stake holders or members of the public.
  • -be considerate of the rights of fellow students and staff to an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
  • -respect the “No eating or drinking” policy during study times
  • -respect the college property as the learner will be held responsible for any damages that might occur as a result of his/her negligence.
  • -be aware of the college’s equal opportunity policy and treat everyone with respect regardless of culture, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or social status.
  • -notify the institute immediately if he/she feels harassed, threatened,  bullied or is assaulted either on or off the college premises.
  • -not make use of mobile devices and cell phones once in class. Failure to abide will have the device confiscated and a fine of R500 will be imposed.
  • -not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other illicit substances during any visit to the college or whilst on the college premises.
  • -acknowledge that No smoking is allowed within the college premises. 
  • -not carry any dangerous weapons to the college.


  • NCC Newcastle reserves the right to modify and change rules and regulations accordingly without prior public notice ensuring that these changes are passed in a board meeting with the required parties/stakeholders. These modified rules/regulations will be published on the NCC website within 30 days of the meeting thereof. 

Please frequent this page or contact our reception for updates/changes to any rules or regulations.

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